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    WWDC scuttlebutt: Last year Apple announced WWDC and began selling tix Wed 25 April. They had announced Q2 results the day before. They announce Q2 results tomorrow. So I’m guessing WWDC will be announced Wednesday.
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      @gruber I suspect Apple couldn't announce WWDC before Tomorrow evening even if they wanted to. I think that it would be covered by the SEC quiet period rules effective just prior to Earnings.
        @gruber they review apps, maybe they should review WWDC expressions of interest. You have 1 day to lodge the application. Then they prioritise and allocate tickets. Rather than 1 company having 10 devs at WWDC there could be 5 companies with 2 employees.
          @davidsmith @gruber I’ve heard that theory from others, but I don’t see the logic, unless they were concurrently making product announcements.