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    @boingboing I hate sympathizing with Rumsfeld. Of course, conservatives say the answer is a flat tax, even though they have spent decades (along with Dems) carving out a million billion exceptions and loopholes.
      Donald Rumsfeld, unconvicted war criminal, is upset with the IRS
        Two log cabins and a bajillion square feet of primo office space in downtown San Francisco. Still can’t DM a URL. Priorities are tough.
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            @isaiah the developer releases stats that show < 2% of new buyers/upgrades come from pre-whatever cutoff. In you case, you have affirmative knowledge, which outweighs anything I might say about it.
              @isaiah Oh, one has to choose where to put one’s energy, as you know! Since you know you have a spread of users who upgrade, that’s superb. I’ve often seen lots of anger about a developer making version choices and then
                @isaiah But I think I have a reaction to the pre-10.6.9/post-10.6.9 period plus Rosetta. During that period, there was a lot of anger about developers who gave on pre-10.6.9
                  @isaiah I’ve definitely seen a tendency at TidBITS, when I was writing intensively there for many years, that people who resisted updates stuck with ancient software packages as both a cause and effect.
                    @veganstraightedge Probably July/August timeframe. My goal is to back-prepare the schedule so that the book is on press before late October and can ship to backers in the US before Christmas.
                      @isaiah Every day that goes by, the people who haven’t upgraded are less likely to ever buy anyone’s software ever again, too.
                        A scientifically accurate depiction of what happens when a woman discusses her lived experiences on —
                          @annatarkov @1password I don’t think so — but I use it on a Mac and iOS. It’s just the desktop version captures passwords.
                            New Disruptors 70: Puzzling Evidence with Chris Yates [] is available for listening at
                              @chrisbreen This post is pure torture.
                                *gets confused, thinks that Chris Christie is quitting from Apple*
                                  As of Monday evening, has patched all our services against the Heartbleed/CVE-2014-0160 OpenSSL vulnerability and subsequently reissued our SSL certs with new keys.
                                    Issue 40 is out with articles by @TheMagazine, Liana Aghajanian, Justine Ickes, Lori Adorable, and Colleen Hubbard:
                                      How texting works Image []