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    @benbrooks I read your quote of the day for the 31st. Was going to post a different quote I liked but then the guy’s “copyright” notice… did you get his permission to quote him?
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      @gizzi nope. What a douchebag.
        @gizzi posted a redaction. A funny one. Haha.
          @benbrooks I think he revised that page to include fair dealing/use. But it rings hollow to me.
            @benbrooks @gizzi yes, I listened to your feedback and updated. I'm sorry if you doubt my sincerity.
              @benbrooks @gizzi Odd rxn from you Ben.What he wrote is th law and would be true regardless. Making it explicit dsn't affect yr right to quote. Blog post idea: Go to library, make list of every author with copyright notice in book. Call them all douchebags
                @edent You, sir, are a gentleman.