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    “Linux .. has only succeeded where it is actually good, as a system for servers.” - and Smart TVs, Blu-Rays, and the most popular mobile OS, cars.. I would guess @gruber has 5 Linux OS devices in his house.
      (>'_')># I was going to give you this waffle.. #<('_'<) ..But then I was like.. (>'#'<) ..I'm hungry.. (>'_'<) ..So I ate it.. (>^_^<) Hehe
        @stevenhaddox well, turns out I was misunderstanding, although I still haven't seen that much happening here actually
          ok so it turns out an dev wasn't being a dick to me, I was assuming he said something sarcastically but he meant it sincerely. my bad
            @blowmage very nice page header background there
              Just announced this month's featuring @gilesgoatboy and Geoffrey Plitt. Come by! 2012/10/25
                Twitter's login page: "Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about." so are Sockington and @shitmydadsays considered people? or organizations?
                  the weird thing about the debates is that it seemed Romney was trying to say to Obama, "I'm just like you, but I'm white, and I'm rich!" weirdest part is I think he won with that. :-p
                    as much as I hate on Twitter, I'll give them credit for their "view summary" feature. it was at least worth a shot. but I'll give them credit here, bkz ugh, Twitter.
                      What is the equivalent of "tweeting"? Apping? Posting seems lame. Need a super special word. Netting. Flurfing. Zarging. Yitting. Wirpping. Arpping. Narpping.