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    The audacious rescue plan that might have saved space shuttle Columbia | Ars Technica Wow!
      @otaviocc I'm using Tower since it's private beta. I love it it is simple without letting go of more advance features. One that comes to mind is how easy it is to stage parts of a file
        The best Git client for Mac is on sale. Go grab it. Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac []
          @sdw I was in the hype to buy one but lately I decided to wait. There are no games that feels really next-gen to me. Since then I decided to wait and bought GTA V, don't regret a bit.
            Mavericks tip: Use Quicklook to open a document in a different app -
              It’s a shame we will never be able to hold the anti-vaccination lobby criminally responsible for the serious harm & deaths they cause
                Why is everyone pissed at Apple for "not properly supporting Gmail" instead of being pissed at Google for unilaterally hacking together a proprietary protocol on top of the IMAP standard?
                  @fields Have you seen []? I've never used them but they do seem nice.
                    @isaiah you don't miss anything after all. It was a very ugly game
                      @isaiah No, I'm in Brazil. I watch with Game Pass subscription but I know it is not available in the US.
                        Holy shit! I was just start using it :( #GoodByeEverpix Everpix Shutdown FAQ : Everpix Help []
                          @tonyarnold I've used OCMock and Kiwi. The latter is way better IMO, it can stub class methods. But I don't if you would be able to use the mock part w/o the rest. @mgrimes
                            Excellent video from [The Verge about firefighters](!
                              ~“The best developer evangelists are not the ones you hire, but the developers who love you.” @pamelafox #APIStrat