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    Secret heads up for Panic is looking to hire one, possibly two, amazing iOS/Mac engineers. This doesn't happen often. I haven't blogged/tweeted it yet. If you are amazing, or you know someone who is, e-mail . Thanks!
      I put together a how-to on configuring Launch Center Pro actions to trigger Drafts actions and return to LCP:
        I'm struck by the intersection of the Mac/iOS dev community and the most popular ADN accounts:
          The fact that each time I swipe horizontally in the iOS App Store it "clicks" one slot over as opposed to scrolling inertially LIKE EVERY OTHER PART OF THE OS makes me a little crazy. Also, it's just ugly and wrong.
            Kaleidoscope 2 is out of beta! Get it today at or on the Mac App Store. 50% for just a few more days!
              @vandal Damn, how’s your shoulder doing? Still no surgery?
                @bondman @wickedgood We do plan on offering a backup at some point. For now you can grab the database file using iExplorer. Takes a few minutes, but is a nice peace of mind.
                  @benbrooks I guess it’s time for me to give it another shot. The 436MB download stopped me this summer when I was setting up my Retina MBP. Oh, and the 106MB Update Pack. They really seem to suck at software. Wish I had bought a Neat.
                    @benbrooks What software are you using? The bundled scanning app is ugly and terrible.
                      @vandal Did you find anything? I could use a book along those lines.
                        Off-duty NYPD officers are being hired to serve, in full duty gear and badge, as private security for NY banks. And this isn't only happening in NYC.
                          @daytonlowell it’s waiting for review with Apple.
                            1Password 4 for iOS. It is out. And it is incredible. Go get it.
                              @wyldkard @chartier Apparently Apple doesn’t care, so no need to get around it. 30/30 still has donation IAP
                                @chartier The 30/30 app launched with a donationware model (which I thought was against App Store policies), but quickly added actual unlocks via IAP.
                                  @chartier Right, not quite the same thing. My goal with the IAP was to offer lots of price points so that people could spend as much or as little as they want. More of a “Spend What You Want” model I suppose.
                                    @chartier My “Pay What You Want” experiment is going quite well. It’s surprising how many people are paying $10 for the “Ultimate Bundle” in Timer. It’s still the top purchase by volume.
                                      @jxpx777 Awesome man! I’ve used it quite a bit for rehab exercises for my back. I’m thrilled at how useful the app is. Hope you recover quickly!