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    RT @digiphile: When civil society gets an equal seat at the table with the leaders of Indonesia, Mexico, USA & France. #opengov
      Yes, it matters if senior staff at your institution use social media. Here’s why. via @digiphile #dfmchat
        Glad I could log on here and see what users I follow were saying. Interesting reflections from Marco Ament: on @dalton's post. I'm curious to see how this evolves.
          To the @adn team that was: it’s small consolation, but you made my past two years significantly better with your great work. Thank you.
            I'm not planning on leaving, but it's probably good to make sure we're all following each other on Twitter for if/when the lights do go out. I'm @wickedgood there also.
              So, busy morning in ADN news I guess. No changes for me, I’m quite happy here. I wish I had a killer idea to help the cause. I know there are a lot of corporations who want their own “collaboration” platform, but so many are stuck with MS crapware.
                I don't think is dead yet, and I am thankful to @dalton, @berg and team for what they have created. It made me grow from a mediocre developer to a somewhat less mediocre developer. I would love to look at ways to ensure continuity of the platform.
                  Today’s news doesn’t have to be the end of ADN. I endorse this message:
                    RT @digiphile: NEW at @techrepublic: @OpenData500: proof that #opendata fuels economic activity
                      RT @digiphile: ! MT @amcafee @MIT+@Harvard team figures out how to store solar energy, then release heat when the sun isn’t shining.
                        RT @digiphile: It’s official: France is the 64th country to join @OpenGovPart: #opengov #OGP
                          RT @digiphile: "But reporting on data is not the same as making it open"- @smfrogers #ddj #opengov #opendata #FOIA
                            RT @digiphile: “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams”―G. G. Márquez. RIP.
                              NEW at Techrepublic: the OpenData500 is more evidence that #opendata fuels economic activity:
                                Would you all prefer me to turn off sharing thoughts and pictures through Instagram?