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    @dalton congratulations on the new position and always good to hear from you on ADN!
      @dalton cool, sounds like a fun job :)
        Thanks @berg @mthurman @voidfiles @barmstrong @ben @aaronblyth @dalton and any other @adn staff for helping me throughout my experience. You guys built something great, never forget that!
          @dalton Prove it you did. Lesser men would have sold out by now.
            If companies listened to everyone who said, “If I were running things,” Apple would have closed up and handed the money back to the shareholders in 1997.
              Sunlit 1.2 is out. ADN is still an integral piece of the system, but you can now use Sunlit with only a Yahoo/Flickr login. @manton has some details:
                For a free hug, go to my profile in Riposte and pull down.
                  @martinsteiger @danielpunkass Post-death alpha is unappealing to spammers and predators; I suspect maintenance lifespan is longer now. Main risk is vandalism/hacks - like a real world property. I don't think need to close for unpaid users... #afteralpha
                    @matigo Yeah, it’s close but not quite. Anyway, I just thought that a site like MLKSHK seemed like exactly the kind of thing at @dalton & @berg had envisioned being built on the platform. I’m just not a coder or I’d take it on myself!
                      @christina Hear hear! ADN has introduced me to some amazing people. @berg & @dalton should be proud that they have connected together so many wonderful people.
                        @dalton keep going strong man. You have a powerful vision and we’re happy you shared it.
                          @shaine I can get all Sally Struthers on you if you want. "For just $36 a year, you can help @dalton go to school. To eat. To have a craft beer now and then. Think of the difference your generous donation can make." @0xmf
                            @matigo it’s simple for me - if I am not the product I’m happy to pay. That is why I left twitter for ADN in the first place: I vote with my wallet. //cc @dalton
                              @leanne @0xmf there were a lot of goodbye type posts I read and a few people who came back to say 'I told you so'. A lot seemed like they didn't really read the post from @dalton
                                I think @dalton and @berg have created something special within a cynical market filled with half baked solutions competing for the spotlight. I’ve alway found good conversations on ADN and it would be a shame to see their habitat languish