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    How do the free ADN accounts fit into the Customer vs Product rhetoric?
      @amy Didn't see it as ad supported so the customer is still the customer? Though I'm already seeing it as being a hub for paid accounts and spokes to free accounts as I quite want to use it as a notification stream for various (tragic) things.
        @amy I don’t follow. Freemium services were explicitly stated as the inspiration for when the project was announced:
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          @amy I’m almost done with some Configuration support for QuickRadar, want to make sure I’m not stepping on anyone else’s work if I submit a pull request in the next couple of days…?
            @amy check Evernote business model
              @khakionion Sorry I didn't reply to this yet. That sounds great. I'd done a tiny bit of work towards supporting configurations, but by no means finished. I reserve the right to modify the UI a bit, if needed in order to keep things simple.
                @amy No worries, thanks for the reply :) I’ve got a changelist collecting dust on my laptop, I’ll clean it up and submit it soon. Cheers!
                  @amy Okay, pull request sent. If there are any changes you want, but don’t have time to get to, I’ll gladly add to the pull request. Thanks!