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    Is it just me, or was this news under-reported? Facebook to Partner With Acxiom, Epsilon to Match Store Purchases With User Profiles []
      @dalton Lovely! See, why bother with all the backlash of launching Beacon when you can tap into existing purchase data warehouses? Genius!
        @dalton Isn't that just their normal SOP?
          @dalton Thats the first I've heard of it I'll admit. I can't say it sounds too appealing
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                @dalton Uh, yes, it was. That’s something really big.
                  Yes, very. This centralization of data around Facebook is scaring the living hell out of me and is contrary to the founding principles of the entire modern internet - @dalton
                    @dalton Woah, yes. I agree. It will be interesting to see how this step plays out. In general, online/offline integration= huge opportunity.
                      @mlv connecting to consumer data DBs controlled by external companies seems like a new thing to me
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                        @dalton @elliottpayne Just read “Victory Lab” book on birth of political science, evolution of modern microtargeting. MAJOR change was merging Axciom’s consumer data with voter info. So yeah, BFD.