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    I'm giving a try for a month. I'm not active enough on Twitter anymore to really warrant this, and honestly the extra 116 characters won't do much for me, but you only live once right?
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      @codybrom Welcome. You may find the extra space liberating :)
        @codybrom Thanks for giving it a try. :) #YOLO
          @codybrom The extra 116 characters actually seem to have a profound effect on use patterns. I find myself getting into a lot more conversations in ADN than I ever did in twitter. What are your favorite board games?
            @codybrom @mintz It's a pretty good service. Annual membership now gets 10gb of storage, so that's kinda cool. No ads is awesome good too.
              @erikschmidt @codybrom Ticket To Ride is a favorite board game here.
                @erikschmidt Oh geez. Hard question. Carcassonne, Pandemic, Saboteur, BANG!, 1000 Blank White Cards, Settlers of Catan, Chrononauts, the list really could keep going.
                  @codybrom Wow! You are a connoisseur indeed. My knowledge is limited, and now I must look up those games.
                    @leigh Thanks for the recommendation! // @codybrom