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    I work for a company that uses "Comic Sans" on their spreadsheets to talk about web design. :/
      @tollerkerl That’s not promising...
        @tollerkerl get another job. Carpenter or shepherd are nice from what I heard. No more problems with typography
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          @kiri it's awesome and I love it. We also use Windows ME. #bestcompanyever @bobman sounds like a good idea to me, I'll post my résumé in wingdings soon ;)
            @tollerkerl It’s hilarious to use comic sans to troll. I was working on a pre-alpha build of a game, and when i sent it to the UI design team, They found it a nice surprise, when the entire main menu and user-interface was made of comic sans, lol!
              @dootuz lol, the problem is: when my company does that it is NOT a joke ;)
                @tollerkerl you might think that, but maybe the head of your company is just an expert troll. ;)