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    Ok that's it, The Next Web is officially unreadable with its current shit design.
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      @benbrooks A very disturbing trend across the web. MacWorld features a similarly awful design.
        @benbrooks Sorry to hear that bud, we've been getting mostly positive feedback. If you'd care to shoot me an email with concerns I'd be happy to pass them along.
          @panzer you have to understand @benbrooks is a big fan of Oprah and her #FavoriteThings.
            @benbrooks Whew. I thought I was the only one thinking that, in the crowd of "Congratulations for the new redesign!"
              @benbrooks So what tech news websites do you like to visit?
                @benbrooks @panzer I'm afraid he's right Mr P… The main window is great - nice colour, font everything, *but* losing the left 1/3 of the screen to a sidebar that I can't minimise is driving me to distraction too…
                  @ukhaiku @benbrooks You can actually minimize it on mobile, there is a button.
                    @ukhaiku @benbrooks Sorry on mobile and web. That's from Chrome on a Mac. If you don't see the button try resizing the browsing window. Once it won't save you any space to minimize, the button goes away.
                      @panzer @benbrooks Thank you - that’s very helpful for the iPad in portrait mode.. I’ll check it out on the mac tomorrow. :-)
                        @ukhaiku @panzer On Mac, you need to resize the window for the sidebar to responsively collapse itself. On wide screen the "list" button always vanishes and you are stuck with the sidebar.