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      @vowels do compare notes with @johngordon...he has this problem too and has put a bit of thought and exploration into it.
        @vowels I tried about 3 services in a row for my mom, then settled on Feedly as similar enough to be directly usable and very easy to set up. I'm not actively using RSS lately so I'm putting off finding a River of News style aggregator to run serverside.
          @vowels May I suggest NewsBlur? It's what I settled on.
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              @vowels I migrated to Fever° and am liking it :)
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                @vowels It's enjoyably fast now, but it has been tested hard when Google announced the Reader shutdown. I'm not a big fan of the UI, but the iOS apps work well enough for my taste.
                  @vowels I quite like Feed Wrangler as a replacement for Reader. Different, a bit odd, but good. #goodbyegoogle