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    Does anyone over here have thoughts on Medium? I'm fascinated by it, and now I have write access to it, but I haven't come up with the right application yet.
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      @ablaze My only thought on Medium is “if they don’t explain what the hell it actually is soon I’m going to lose the will to give a shit.”
        @chartier It's pretty clear to me, and not just because I'm l33t on it. It's collaborative, topical publishing. It's most like Tumblr of existing things, but it's organized around user-made topics. I just posted to
          @ablaze Twitter: spam stuff about #agile and #lean for followers, tumblr: random stuff on the web, be part of counter-culture, MOAR, instagram: pictures of food, while I stalk people on facebook and tell others they're wrong on Quora
            @ablaze @chartier I posted this. it felt right as the design is so image heavy.
              @ablaze To me it’s a spot for content you have to get out of you that doesn’t fit on one of your sites. Like, if you have an Apple website, but really care about baseball then you could go write about baseball on Medium.
                @blakehill That seems right. Also seems pretty valuable. It certainly was to me. I was more motivated to write about climate change because of the Medium collection. It could have gone on my personal site, but the existing community there swayed me.
                  @ablaze I would love to get a chance to checkout their editor. After I read there post about how they made it. I hope the medium can become a place for long form disscussion.