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    Interestingly, Tweetbot/Netbot are the only third-party apps I have whose iCloud features work. Nothing with document syncing or Core Data syncing works. @pth do you have any insight into why that might be? It would help me figure this out.
      @ablaze There are two types of iCloud features - key/value store (easy) and document store (ridiculously hard). *bot uses the key/value store.
        @stevestreza i just noticed the new clear/mac only works if Document Syncing is enabled. I assume this means it's using the document store but i'm an iCloud noob, so i don't really know.
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            @aw When I was trying to debug my iCloud problems with Apple, I tested Reading List and tab syncing. Don't work. Totally busted. I don't use Safari, but now I have no reason to, even though Chrome is awful on Mountain Lion.
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              @ablaze Actually Clear for Mac/iOS syncs very well for me. They use document syncing AFAIK
                @ablaze … sorry, just saw you earlier post now. I'm not a fan of iCloud, but of all apps I tried, Clear seems to be one that actually works...